I've been a maker of things since before I can remember. I was recently reminded of waking my father, when I was very young, at an unearthly hour with a cardboard box demanding the manufacture of an old knight's helmet. My love for crafting has been there through the years, and most likely something I have been given from generations past.

I'm forever searching for creative ways in how I can contribute that which I love to the world, and hopefully add a little bit of tangible excellence and beauty into others' stories and lives. And this passion and joy has lead me to start Crafted Chronicles.



The Origins


I'm Peter Vickers. A British born and bred crafty chap. I've had the absolute privilege of being able to travel the world and experience so many wonderful cultures. I am constantly amazed at the stories and lives lived by the people I come across. How we, as small as we are, like to leave our mark, like to 'affect' the world around us. And how from culture to culture we make a wide variety of objects that are both functional and beautiful. And how different those items of the same function can be. Yet they somehow reflect the values, the nature and paradigm of their creator. It is truly wonderful to see the variety.

For me I have found such joy and life in craftsmanship. I have enjoyed many years of making all sorts of random, useful and useless things.


The Journey


I started realising that it brought me joy to make things and give them to people. I loved to see how people would react to something that has had time, energy, skill and money invested into it for them. Then others started wanting what I had made, to give to those they loved. So the business Crafted Chronicles was born. I love the name, because of the wealth of meaning in the words. It has a sense of history, legacy, everlasting, something that contains a great story. I love stories, the challenges, the victories, the battles, the failures, the emotions. It's life, it's adventure. Chronicles is exactly this, an adventure. This business is an invitation to join in the adventure of the pursuit of thriving, as we seek to find ways to contribute value and beauty to the world around us.


The Present


I continue to pursue the craft of that which is functional and beautiful to me and others.

Why hand crafted? I believe that something someone has spent time shaping, tweaking, moulding and making, becomes something rich with a value beyond monetary wealth: It has a story. One of our most valuable possessions is our story. So to have something functional and beautiful that someone has spent a part of their story crafting, is filled with a value well beyond the financial investment. The product already has a story, an adventure, a value, prior to its purchase.

So this is what I endeavour to do, to create a platform in which crafted products can easily be showcased, accessed and enjoyed. 




When I became a man, I put away childish things,
including my fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.

C. S. Lewis