Card Sleeve

Card Sleeve

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WHAT : A leather credit card sleeve

(apx 3.75 x 2.25 in)

STORY : The Card Sleeve came about in the further search for the most minimal solution to the wallet function. With contactless and other such technologies becoming more secure and useful, cash becomes less needed. I was finding I was needing less to carry around with me. The card sleeve was developed using the secure fold technique. Something that gets better as it's used. I spent time hunting down the right leather for this, as it needed to be strong and light, yet mould well around the contents. So I settled on an upholstery leather. Once the design was refined, I Kickstarted the product. It did tremendously well, and I am excited to develop more products with the tools purchased from the finance gained through the campaign.

Depending on orders, product will be sent out up to one week from purchase.

Please note that the colours shown on the screen may vary to the real colour.

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Photos from Abi Galatia -  September 24th

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from Candour Creative

The product that stormed through its Kickstarter goal, support given by you, our amazing community and customers!

Have a look at the video made by the talented Candour Creative team for the sleeve's Kickstarter. The amazing photos were taken by Ash James. We successfully raised 190% of our goal. What a great adventure that has been and continues to be.