& Chronicles

is a craft collaboration initiative, a partnership, between Crafted Chronicles and other organisations
who seek to tangibly add value to the lives and stories of their community.




We have partnered with an amazing Bristol based company - Peregrine clothing. An 8th Generation family run buisness started in 1796, that specialises in the finest quality wool and garments. They have been expanding their accessories range and reached to where we have formed a partnership developing, designing and manufacturing a range of products celebrating the best of craftsmanship and quality material.

It has been such a pleasure working with them on a limited edition range from cushions to iPhone cases and dog collars to travel journals.

We look forward to seeing how this relationship develops.




Working along side a fellow craftsman is always a joy. To fuse ideas and see what interesting and useful products we can substantiate. Working with Tobias George has been a great first collaboration.

A man who really loves to spend time crafting to what his imagination can see. With his favourite material. It was great to see him in his workshop, see how he works his skills and ideas.

Im excited to see what other great products we come up with!



Colin Ross Photography


We have had the joy to be working with Colin Ross. An incredibly gifted international wedding photographer. Based in the UK

He has been looking for premium packaging. Something unique and personal to hold some prints that make the delivery of his images a great and enjoyable experience. So we designed and crafted with him this idea of a coffee table photo sleeve, perfect for 9 x 6 pints. Using our secure fold technique. Each one personalised to the recipients.

It truly has been a pleasure working with Colin and I'm excited to see what new and interesting ways we can celebrate the quality of his work, celebrating beauty of his view of his craft.

There is Something More


Crafted Chronicles has the pleasure of partnering with the organisation There is Something More. A group of young professionals seeking to explore creative ways of communicating their faith.

We love the way that there are people unafraid to stand for what they believe in. To proclaim a message of value, of freedom from fear, of purpose, of significance, of radical and sacrificial love. All elements that play into the best of stories. It's been a joy to support such humble and inspiring people. Not to mention their great taste in lifestyle products.